Chronic kidney disease

diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the progressive decline of kidney function and associated conditions

Kidney transplantation

medical management of kidney and pancreas transplants

Kidney ultrasonography

in-office ultrasound performed and interpreted by our physicians


prevention and medical management of kidney stones


diagnosis and treatment of protein in the urine


diagnosis and treatment of blood in the urine


diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure

Kidney disease in pregnancy

management of all forms of kidney disease and kidney transplant  while pregnant

Polycystic Kidney Disease

management of patients who have this inherited form of kidney disease

Electrolyte disorders

diagnosis and treatment of low sodium and low or high potassium as well as magnesium and phosphorus disorders

Acid-base disorders

diagnosis and management of acid-base problems


diagnosis and management of various forms of inflammatory kidney disease


in-center - management of dialysis performed in one of our listed clinics

nocturnal - management of dialysis performed in a clinic in the late evening/overnight

home hemodialysis - management of dialysis performed at home by the patient

staff-assisted dialysis - management of dialysis performed by a visiting nurse

Peritoneal dialysis

management of “needleless” dialysis performed by the patient

acute kidney injury

diagnosis and management of temporary reversible damage to kidney function